Perfect Pitch

Valid Survey Results Measured in Hours

You need a quick test of an ad, an idea or an innovation. This isn’t about going to the market–it’s about going to your boss, the board or back to the lab.

nQuire Services has combined forces with Worldwide Panel to bring you the tools to get the rapid reactions you need to get a feel of the viability of your new concept.

It takes about a day from the time you give us the questions you want to ask (and collateral to exhibit).  And it costs either $999 or $1,499, depending on how you configure it.

For $999, we will conduct an online survey with 120 or more respondents. We will show them your ad, or explain your idea. Between one day and a day and a half later we will give you a report telling you what they think and how they reacted. It will be accurate and well-written in plain English, in language you can show to your stakeholders.

Putting the Small Print Up Front

We will narrow down your target audience to make sure we’re talking to the relevant audience–if you are designing a lipstick ad or product, we’ll only survey women. If your innovative iPhone App is targeting young men, we can invite only them. However, really detailed targeting of difficult to reach segments of the population will cost more. It will also take a little longer, but that’s measured in hours, not days. The same is true of international respondents–we’re happy to invite them, but it will take a bit longer and may cost a bit more. We’re happy to give you firm quotes on request.

How Do Your Customers Really Feel?

It frequently happens that an online survey will bring up almost as many questions as it answers. When you’re on a tight timeline (and probably a tighter budget) these new questions can look like overwhelming obstacles. They needn’t be.

As an add-on to our Perfect Pitch, we can conduct an online focus group with the people you need to talk to. Creating a discussion guide from the answers to your online survey (and from discussions with you) we will conduct an extended focus group with your stakeholders to go into these issues in depth. Again, it takes about a day or a day in a half. Again, we’ll need to show them your ad, your concept or your collateral. And again, if it needs to be international or the respondents are hard to target it may cost a bit more and take a bit longer.

But by using what we’ve learned (about your idea, the respondents you want and what they have already told us), we can do this as part of the Perfect Pitch offering for a total (online survey and focus group) of $1,499.

It’s a good deal–but not just because of the price. Not just because of the timeline. It’s a good deal because we provide good research.

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