Posted on February 22, 2012


Whether your stakeholders are customers, businesses, employees or patients, understanding their satisfaction with the products or services you provide is key to your success. It’s also pretty much the core deliverable of market research.

Marketing research for small business is just as important as it is to Fortune 500 companies. It is nQuire’s mission to make marketing research accessible and affordable to companies outside the Fortune 500. Call it  research for the rest of us.

Understanding the elements that drive satisfaction and measuring them accurately is our business. nQuire Services specializes in satisfaction surveys. We do them quickly, we do them accurately, and we do them more cost effectively than most (maybe all) other companies.

Satisfaction surveys can be used in a variety of ways:

  • They can quickly highlight areas where you need to improve
  • They can help show you who to reward for outstanding performance
  • If you’re doing a better job of satisfying your customers, clients or patients, you can publicize the fact

If you have the email addresses of the people you want to survey, we will put up an online survey and give you a link to email to them. We will collect and report the data in real time. We will write a report in plain English (or the language of your choice) that tells you how you did, and we’ll break it out in meaningful segments–if customers in different regions have different experiences, if patients seeing different professionals have different opinions, if employees in different departments have different attitudes, we’ll tell you.

If you don’t have their email addresses, we’ll call them or interview them in person. We are market researchers and we’ve done this for almost 20 years, so picking up the phone isn’t foreign to us. We’re happy to do it face to face, as well.

We get the job done right, we get it done in a time frame that is useful to you, and at a cost that doesn’t bust your budget.

Give us a call.

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