Posted on February 20, 2012


nQuire Services is a boutique market research firm that routinely subcontracts to marketing agencies and larger research companies. The core services we offer are:

Online surveys, using the Qii panel management and survey generation system. We design, field, analyze and report on surveys. Much of our work is done in the category of satisfaction surveys, with customers, other stakeholders, employees and patients.

Online focus groups, using private weblogs. nQuire again will design, field, analyze and report on the findings of online focus groups.

Competitive intelligence reports. We conduct secondary research supplemented by depth interviews with appropriate respondents to build an accurate profile of an industry space and the key players within it.

That’s our primary focus. However, as a support organization we are actually capable of far more, and have delivered other research services, exceeding client expectations in each of the following:

  • Localization of surveys and open-ended responses
  • In person depth interviews and focus groups
  • Report writing of primary and secondary research done by others
  • Business development and sales for other research companies

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